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Rose City Hot Club: Up Close

Book the Rose City Hot Club

Booking the Rose City Hot Club - It's easy!!!

First decide when and where.
Then contact us for a free, no-obligation consultation. (503) 826-0212
Price: Varies with event requirements.

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Choosing appropriate live music for your event is an important decision. Your choice will significantly influence both the enjoyment and memories of your guests.

The Rose City Hot Club will work with you to ensure maximum value for your entertainment budget.

Identifying your expectations:
Do you want background ambiance, featured entertainment or something in between?

Dancing, listening or both?

Indoors or outdoors?

How many guests are you planning to invite?

Your answers will affect the size and character of our ensemble as well as our equipment needs and choice of musicians.

We feel strongly that our music should never be too loud for relaxed conversation.

Other factors affecting cost:
Date. Summer is wedding season. There are only a limited number of Saturdays available. Make decisions as soon as possible to ensure availability.

Location. As distance increases, so does our time investment and travel expense.

Time on-site required to accommodate your event schedule. We certainly wouldn't choose to do necessary set-up and sound-checks during other scheduled activities.

Our needs are simple:
Protection from direct sun, rain and temperature extremes. Our fine wooden acoustic instruments just can't tolerate those exposures. We can include the use of a canopy in our performance fee if needed.

One armless chair for each musician.

A clear agreement with deposit to lock in your date at the time of confirmed booking.

Providing the perfect memorable live musical accompaniment for parties, receptions, weddings, bar mitzvahs and other events is exactly what the Rose City Hot Club does.

We gladly offer you the benefit of our experience without cost or obligation. Please call to arrange a free consultation to help you decide if the Rose Citly Hot Club is the best musical choice for your event.

You can also access these video clips directly on YouTube with these links:

Contact the Rose City Hot Club to plan the perfect live jazz ensemble to enhance your next event.

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