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Portland Gypsy Jazz email group
~pdxdjazz~ is a private email group and great resource for anyone near Portland, Oregon interested in learning, playing or hearing Django style jazz music. Free public all-level open acoustic gypsy jazz jam sessions are scheduled weekly. iReal Pro Chord charts are used and shared at our jam sessions (See "Best Music Practice Tool" section below) Membership is free, easy and safe. Just send me an email, I'll send you an invitation to join. is the most reliable way for people to find the top professionals in their area and create the most memorable events possible. From compiling the best ideas and advice shared by experts, to creating a unique database that reports how much a wedding actually costs in your area, to identifying the best and most reliable local professionals, we give you the tools you need to make your event be successful.

More Rose City Hot Club friends:

kmhd 89.1 Jazz Radio
KMHD 89.1 - Portland's Jazz Radio station. Available everywhere streaming on the web.
DjangoFest NW
Best west coast gypsy jazz festival.
All things Django are found at this Seattle website. Books, video, lessons, guitars, picks, strings and lots more.
San Diego source for all things Django. Importer, distributor and producer of Gypsy Jazz cd's, dvd's and books etc.
The Django Reinhardt Swing Page
Huge gypsy jazz website based in the UK.
Mango fan Django
Archtop Eddy's gypsy jazz links page.
Red Hot Jazz
Django's biography and more information.
Don Price's website
An open collaboration and consensus on Django, his music and influences. Many more links and threads.
Wikipedia-Gypsy Jazz
An open collaboration and consensus on Gypsy Jazz, the music and it's influences. Additional links and threads.
Wikipedia-West Coast Gypsy Jazz
Gypsy Jazz influenced by the West Coast Jazz scene.
Swing Dancing in Portland
Gypsy Jazz is perfect for swing dancing.
More swing dance information.
Jonathan Liu's amazing art
An amazing etch-a-sketching by Jonathan is in our photo gallery.

Gypsy Jazz Resources

Django Swingpage-Playing
A basic "how-to" for getting started in Gypsy Jazz
Gypsy Jazz Workshop
New Zealand's Leigh Jackson provides excellent information on improvisation, rhythm guitar, technique, chord charts and more.
Robin Nolan
On line gypsy jazz lesson.
Hot Club Philly
Our East Coast friends offer a wonderful description of "Gypsy Jazz", music clips and some files for download.
Robin Nolan lesson online
Robin Nolan Gypsy Jazz Lesson Learn gypsy jazz with this master player. With audio and video. From Acoustic Guitar magazine. Registration required.
Manouche North America
Video clips, some transcriptions and guitars.
Stephane Wrembel's Rhythm Tracks
Free play-along jam tracks
"Nuages de Swing"
French gypsy jazz website with lots of tunes and charts.
Gypsy Jazz Guitar Resource
Guitar tabs, grilles (chord charts) and gypsy jazz links.
French website. A great source for swing-tune chord charts.
Another great site for charts
more than 100 charts in .pdf format.
Sludge's Guitarphilia
Some Gypsy Jazz lead sheets and guitar photos
I Love Django's Music
Japanese Django website. Chord charts, links and more.
A wiki that indexes online information for every tune Django Reinhardt ever recorded.

Best Music Practice Tool!

iReal Pro It's a Book! It's a Band!
iReal Pro is an app for Smartphones and Tablets (also mac's and pc's) that displays chord charts that you can obtain for free from the iReal pro forums (see link below) Any chart can be transposed to any key instantly. iReal Pro is also a PLAYER and will play backing tracks in user selectable styles, tempos and keys for practice. There's even a Gypsy Jazz player style.
iReal Pro Forums
You can find and share THOUSANDS of chord charts for use with the iReal Pro app here. All the chord charts are FREE to download. We post all of our charts in the iReal Prom Forums in the Gypsy Jazz Section

The Robin Nolan Gig Book is used by many players in the Portland Gypsy Jazz Jam scene.

Gig Book-Django Books
A Seattle source for the Gig Book.
A San Diego source for the Gig Book

Wedding Resources

Brie Mullin Photography
Contact Brie for great wedding photos, portraits and more!
Brian Lee Photography
Wedding Photography
mon Amour photography
On your wedding day, you want everything to be perfect - especially the photos. You won't be disappointed by mon Amour photography.
Oolite Photography
Weddings, Portraits and more.
Eat Your Heart Out ~ Catering
Pacific Northwest Bridal
Northwest wedding planning resource and searchable directory.
Wedding Planning
Start your wedding planning at where you can find top quality wedding vendors, local bridal shows, and the most friendly online wedding forums!
The Rose City Hot Club is a Preferred vendor listed in the Portland, Oregon Musicians section of
Wedding Photographers & Videographers
Search for a Photographer or Videographer Nationwide
Portland Wedding and Party
Nationwide listings of event vendors
Party planning services Portland
A vendor directory

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