Featured Musicians

The Rose City Hot Club always presents the most outstanding and talented musicians available. Each swingin' ensemble performance showcases an exciting musical collaboration in the finest live jazz tradition. Real jazz, played in real-time, by real musicians. Whether soulfully stating a familiar melodic theme, reinterpreting that melody in an interesting nuanced solo or sharing an exciting musical conversation with the other players as they trade "four's" or "eight's", each accomplished Rose City Hot Club musician demonstrates, beyond just their amazing talents and skills, the essential ability to LISTEN. We love Gypsy Jazz. We love to play it and we always have a wonderful and fun time when performing this happy music. Our enjoyment as well as our enthusiasm is consistently and clearly experienced and shared through our exciting music. Rose City Hot Club performances have proudly featured: Joey Appel Andrew Alikhanov Greg Allison Nathan Baker
Carrie Baldwin-Sayre Matthew Bergstrom Ben Blechman Brian Brogan Michael Burdette Bob Burgeni Jason Carter Lou Chavez Mike Danner Bryan Cole Darby Andy Emert Paul Evans Sammy Epstein Justin Franzino Russell Gores Gary Guenther Hank Hadeed Benjamin Hartman Hamody Hindi Bob Holo Tommy Houston Cliff Jetton Billy Joseph Tracy Kim David Langenes Philip Levine James Mason Greg McCarty Rip McCollough Larry Munson Tim Morgan Hyung Nam Peter Nario-Redmond Farnell Newton Larry Nobori Jason Okamoto Eddie "Skip" Parente Kay Peterson Jeffery Reynolds Flauren Ricketts John Shafer Brian Shaylor Eric Skye David Stassens Andy Ellis Valdini Johnny Valentine John Van Beek Jeffree White D.A. Wiley Jon Thor Williams Twayn Williams A talented Rose City Hot Club ensemble is the ideal choice for live musical entertainment at your party, reception, bar mitzvah, wedding or any other memorable event. Live acoustic swing gypsy jazz adds sophisticated elegance to any event and is always fun, appropriate, enjoyable and appreciated. 

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